The Artist Has Supernatural Powers



Ολγα Τζιμου. The Artist Has Supernatural Powers.

Evening Prayer

I spend my life sitting - like an angel
in the hands of a barber - a deeply fluted beer mug
in my fist, belly and neck curved,
a Gambier pipe in my teeth, under the air
swelling with impalpable veils of smoke.

Like the warm excrements in an old dovecote,
a thousand dreams burn softly inside me,
and at times my sad heart is like sap-wood bled
on by the dark yellow gold of its sweats.

Then, when I have carefully swallowed my dreams,
I turn, having drunk thirty or forty tankards,
and gather myself together to relieve bitter need:
As sweetly as the Saviour of Hyssops
and of Cedar I piss towards dark skies,
very high and very far;
and receive the approval of the great heliotropes. 

-Arthur Rimbaud

one of my favorite pieces

International Dance Day, Fethiye Mosque Nafpaktos

International Dance Day, Fethiye Mosque from olga tzimou on Vimeo.

Maro Galani during her speech

Isavella Karamolegou, Klery Karagianni

Panagiotis Politis

Panagiotis Politis

Παγκόσμια Ημέρα του Χορού

Φετιχέ Τζαμί, Ναύπακτος
Την 29η Απριλίου, όπως κάθε χρόνο από το 1982, η Παγκόσμια Ημέρα του Χορού θα γιορταστεί σε ολόκληρο τον κόσμο.

Σας προσκαλούμε στην εκδήλωση που διοργανώνουμε υπό την αιγίδα του Δήμου Ναυπακτίας με θέμα το σύγχρονο χορό.

Φωτογραφική εγκατάσταση και προβολή βίντεο της Όλγας Τζίμου
Ομιλία για την τέχνη του χορού από την Μάρω Γαλάνη
Χορογραφίες από την ομάδα RH+

International Dance Day

Fethiye Mosque, Nafpaktos

International Dance Day has been celebrated every year, throughout the world on April 29th since 1982.

This year, we invite you to a contemporary dance event organized under the auspices of the Municipality of Nafpaktos.

Photographic Installation & video projection by Olga Tzimou
Lecture on the Art of Dance by Maro Galani
Choreography by the Dance Company RH +